Friday, October 16, 2009

Classic in Europe – reports we are getting from Germany say that Classic is not the latest v2.0

At the same time Pre hit Europe, we’ve received many reports from our users in Germany about missing features in 2.0.
They indicated that HotSync feature - and its icon we were so happy about here in the US only a week ago - was not there. Other things too...

It turns out that Pre phones in Europe are still on 1.1 ROM and that is keeping Classic from switching itself to 2.0 as we need that 1.2 ROM (this may sound like a riddle but it is now). Consequence for Pre owners using Classic in Europe is that HotSync and other v2.0 features will not be available until Palm releases 1.2 ROM to their Pre.

We are working with Palm to determine what exactly is the situation at this point and will follow-up on our blog.
The best we can do is to ask our European users to be patient and wait for the next update from Palm which should bring them the latest Classic as well.

Tschüss and Cheers!

(Thanks to Markus for the screenshot!)

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BrainSCAN said...


I purchased a Palm Pre in Spain on 15th this month and, even Palm adviced of a new version and I installed it, my WebOS is also 1.1.3 :-(

So I'm having blue screens in Classic.