Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Classic v2.0 (re)trial now available for all our users, free of charge

Since v2.0 has been released, many of you contacted us to ask for retrial period and we’ve seen same interest in the PreCentral forums, so the logical step for us was to find a way to enable another fully functional trial period for all the users that already tried Classic before, and thus used trial period.

All of you can now try Classic v2.0 release to evaluate it once again or for the first time, and to see how (well) it compares to previous version. Your (re)trial period is good for the next 10 days.

Your can download Classic from App Catalog on your Pre and find helpful info on our website within Tech Spec page, overview page and detailed HotSync tutorial.



Scott said...

I applaud this move to give potential customers another look at the product.

I just got my Pre last week, but have been a long-time Palm fan. I haven't had a chance to do much with my Classic demo, but will be very happy if I can get some of my older Palm apps running on the Pre.


Anonymous said...

Excellent news but I just wish these timed trials were days of use rather than elapsed time.

So often I've downloaded a program and then for some reason had to put it's trial on the back burner only to find it's timed out when I return to it.

It's only slightly more difficult to program days of use.


Anonymous said...

Im anxious to try Classic, however my favorite Palm os apps were Kinoma and Pockettunes and from what I have read they dont seem to stream correctly. Hopefully it will be fixed soon

Jerry said...

Agree with the post about kinoma and Ptunes, those apps were the latest and greatest available for the aging Palm OS and its too bad they don't work right, now that I have a Pre I really miss listening to XM with Kinoma Ex on my centro..

Jim said...

Does anyone know if you can use Pocket Tunes, Blazer, or Voice Memo recorder with Classic?