Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Classic v2.0 release now complete!

As we already posted, Classic ROM update has been released last week and brought HotSync to Classic on Pre. We were waiting for the Mojo part and would like to let you know that it is now available. You can complete the update by downloading it from Classic listing in the App Catalog.

Besides HotSync in v2.0 many of you already successfully use (a detailed tutorial is available here), by completing the update you get more features and surprises: full screen mode, quick keyboard mode switch, improved reset functionality, reduced power consumption when idle and more. The complete list of v2.0 features and improvements is available at Tech Spec page on our website.

The favorite new feature in Classic v2.0 might be preloaded ClassicApps, a bundle of free Palm OS applications that you can get if you simply tap Install Free Apps option from the Classic menu.

When download and installation are completed, you will be able to use some of the most popular Palm OS applications through Classic on your Pre. Some of them are completely free while some are time-limited trials. Here is the list of apps that you get with a single tap in Classic:

Aces Texas Hold'em
BlackJack Deluxe
Bowling Deluxe
Bubble Pop
Exact II
GTS World Racing
Holi D&D
Palm Finance Genius
Par 72 Golf
Unit Converter
Vehicle Manager

We hope that you like what Classic v2.0 brought to your Pre, and we can’t wait to hear your impressions.


growingfamily said...

iI wish full screen was true full screen that would temp slide silk screen buttons off bottom in order to max screen size...as old Palm OS T3 did... Charlestwesco from precentral.net forum

about:blank said...

You have absolutely no idea how happy you've made me with the ability to hotsync!!!!!!!
I no longer have to change information on the Palm Desktop AND my PRE when updating things on classic, they're perfectly in-sync again :oD and I'm more than thrilled that mycheckbook is backed up in case I ever need it recovered!
Thank you motion apps!!!!!

David Thacker said...

Congrats on the Classic 2.0 release! Hotsync support is a big leap forward. Can you report how Classic behaves on the Pixi's shorter 320x400 screen, compared to the Pre's 320x480 screen? Does the input area automatically scale to half its current height while retaining the 320x320 PalmOS screen, or does it scroll, or what?

Stace said...

Thanks for the update. For me, it's not as much of a good thing. I was already HotSyncing via the network with the old version, and now all my text-entry apps (both certified and uncertified) repeat every character I type ffffoooouuuurrrr times. Fix please? It was working perfectly before.

The Classic Apps bundle is a good idea, and I think it will go a long way toward keeping Classic a viable app as more native webOS apps replace established PalmOS apps.

Paul said...

Does this mean that ereader is now Classic Certified? Are there any advantages? Unfortunately I cannot upgrade Classic because of the Palm app limit.

MotionApps said...

Thank you all for the great comments on 2.0 release!

@David - As you said, Pixi will have smaller screen than Pre, so Classic will need to adjust itself to a new size. It will keep 320x320 Palm OS work area, but the input area will be different (smaller) with just one line of buttons. So, there will be no scrolling and everything will fit in 320x400.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to use Classic, but I currently don't have access to a PC or laptop. I have a Treo and could beam apps over via Bluetooth but this isn't supported...

Anonymous said...

This app just keeps getting better, have been waiting for Hot Sync but alas my Life Drive stopped at version 4 of the desktop software so can't find the latest release, ver 6?? so can't seem to get it to work....

MotionApps said...

Check here http://kb.palm.com/wps/portal/kb/common/article/33529_en.html

(thanks for the kind words)

DonBelievable said...

full screen is EXACTLY as big as not-full-screen... why is that? when i saw the button full-screen i thought it would make the old-palms emulated hardware buttons dissapear, which would be great!!!
unfortunately not..
other than that, its working fine, though i have only limited experience with it, as im totally new to palm (didnt have one before the pre) and use classic ONLY to run Plecodict.