Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Classic v2.0 is on its way – almost there!

We’ve all been waiting for the new webOS update to be released because we knew it will bring Classic v2.0 including some of the most frequently requested features.

If you installed webOS update, you can now HotSync – here is one of the first user reports from PreCentral (check out the comments).

Classic v2.0 including HotSync support gives the users an easy way to manipulate data between desktop computers and Classic on Pre, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (videos on these options are available here for Wi-Fi and here for BT).

However, the full update (including new user interface and more goodies in terms of new features) is not outhere yet- we are waiting on Mojo part release.

Not to cause the confusion, this is because Classic consists out of two parts: ROM part (released to you as part of webOS 1.2) and Mojo part (we sent to Palm and are waiting to appear in the App Catalog).

So, half way there, we have HotSync, improved overall functionality and stability, but still more features on its way after we see the update notification in Classic App Catalog listing.

Stay tuned and let us know on the “reports from the field”.


Peaty said...

Thanks for the update, can't wait for the BT to work so I can hotsync.

dw8928 said...

i downloaded classic before hotsync would work. can i get a new trial period to see if it works with my application before i purchase?

Tina W said...

I tried the WIFI Hot Sync suggestions and received the message that it was unable to establish a connection. Do I need to wait for v2.0 or am I doing something wrong? I saw on PreCentral someone said they were able to use the sync function already. Is there a new desktop application? I looked in the help file on my Palm Desktop and it mentions syncing via WIFI. I am thinking I must be missing something.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that other bluetooth enabled PalmOS apps will also work under Classic 2.0?

Lawrence said...

I also get "unable to establish connections" when trying to hotsync. Tried on my vista and xp machines. Really want to back up last few months of data....

Tina W said...

Still cannot sync over wifi. Almost did once and then froze and now cannot connect at all. Other than original generic email have not heard back from MA. Hopefully with the update???

MotionApps said...

@dw8928: Submit a ticket to our support team (the option is available within Support tab) and we’ll see what we can do:)

@Tina W and @Lawrence: check out the videos on our blog to see if this will help. If not, check if there are some firewalls in place preventing you from establishing connection. Also, we’ll be posting a tutorial for HotSyncing in our Support section and hopefully help you out.
Tina, our support team will be replying to your emails soon – they are trying to determine what could be causing the issue you report and suggest a solution.

@Anonymous: Palm OS apps that use BT protocol will not be able to do this from within Classic. Classic is only using BT as network connection from webOS, which technically cannot be “stretched” to the apps running in the emulator.

Anonymous said...

How does LJP (http://little-john.net/) work with Classic? I've heard people are able to get it running but no reports of how well it works yet. Anyways this is the only app from Palm OS that I really care about and is the deciding factor of whether or not I'll buy classic. Also does Classic support using bluetooth for Palm OS apps that use bluetooth, not just for hot syncing?

LifeEthics.org said...

The changes aren't going well on hotsync:
Won't remember ID
Will not complete a hotsync, and freezes after about 60 secs. Must close (minimize to card, swipe up) Classic, then re-open classic to use.

Verry slow opening

I've cleaned up back up files, but still get some of the programs I thought I'd deleted and the Pre insists on "restoring' everything, including those programs I've unchecked on the "Applications."

Pre, 1.2.1, Audible, Epocrates needed, and trying to get rid of kinoma. I'd like to continue P Tunes, but not necessary.

Pierre said...

i want to know if classic 2.0 will support pen use in the full screen mode like my old but workly zire 31 ?
When i have to write something, the use of the pen is a big time saving... since the time i use it, i start to be fast now ))))

ProfJonathan said...

How do I turn on Bluetooth, now that I have 2.0 fully installed? {ProfJonathan, aka PalmPreLawyer}