Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Missing Sync and Classic – a friendship that Mac users will love!

In a newsletter that Mark/Space, Inc., developer of The Missing Sync, sent out few days ago, there is an overview of how The Missing Sync and Classic work together. We wanted to add our two cents and let you know that we have tried this as well and got great results.

You can check out the original newsletter at Mark/Space website.

The Missing Sync is also featured on our website as a way to sync Classic on Pre phones with Mac computers, since conventional Palm Desktops are not supported on Macs as they are on PCs, in terms of network connection.

We hope the “fruit fans” will enjoy both products.

More details about the native Missing Sync for Palm Pre on both PC and Mac can be found at Mark/Space website.

(Thanks to Mark/Space crew for excellent instructions and write-up!)

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