Thursday, November 5, 2009

OnTimeRx now comes preloaded in Classic

We teamed up with AmeliaPlex, developer of a very useful medical application called OnTimeRx, to include it within a bundle you can get the minute you install Classic.

This decision was based on users’ feedback and the awareness that this application serves as a very important medical tool to many. Now any user with Classic can install OnTimeRx and use the trial for 30 days before purchasing. OnTimeRx can be installed in Classic together with other preloaded apps with a single tap on Install Free Apps option from Classic menu.

Susan Torrico, President/CEO of AmeliaPlex states: “The Palm version of OnTimeRx software is the BEST medication reminder program available anywhere. It's a mature, feature-rich application that has been thoroughly tested and enhanced based on suggestions from actual users."

“AmeliaPlex is one of the companies we’ve been working since the beginning of Classic Certification Program, they were our Launch Partners, and I know that MotionApps team really enjoyed working with them. We also received confirmations from our users that being able to use OnTimeRx on their Pre phone is of critical importance to them so we decided to make it available to Classic users right away” said our CEO, Mr. Voja Lalich.

Here is one of the notes received from a real user, which influenced our decision to include OnTimeRx with Classic:
“I'm still using a Palm TX and a Win Netbook combo for as long as I can :-) But if and when the TX finally dies, it looks like the Palm Pre may be in my future, because I sure can’t do without OnTimeRx. I look forward to many more years of using OnTimeRx on my Palm or Pre...”

Read more stories from OnTimeRx users at the OnTimeRx blog and learn about the program itself at

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