Thursday, June 18, 2009

Your Palm OS app is not working in Classic? Contact the developer to test it on Classic and have it Classic Certified

Honestly, the not-so-perfect behaving apps in Classic are the ones that have not gone through the Classic Certification process.

Classic is this bridge that we are building so users of Palm OS apps can get across from Treo and Centro to Pre … and MotionApps and Palm have put a lot of work into foundations and pillars and plates and got a lot of work done. But for some apps, we need them to build a landing on the other side, an on-ramp, a few feet over the water may be to meet us and close the gap so user can cross over.

So we have and are inviting all developers to take part and test their apps to better perform in Classic on Pre.
To support their effort we have published Classic Certification Kit on June 6th where we provided simple and detailed steps developers need to take so that your favorite apps can become exactly what you are used to and expect them to be - now on Pre.

For the apps that you do not see in our Classic Certified applications list, please contact the developer of the app as they are really in a position to fix what is not working.
Better yet, they can contact us for help and we can help them along the way to get the application Classic Certified.
With that, we fully stand behind every app that has our Classic Certification logo on it.

So lets go on and make Classic the best it can be, including all your ’can not live without’, ‘would love to keep’, ‘there is nothing like it’ apps that you want on your sleek smashing Pre.

Here are some of the announcement our Launch Partners made about their Classic Certified applications:

1. Resco
Resco Explorer
2. Techneos Systems
3. DDH Software
4. iSilo
5. Creative Algorithms, LLC
DateWheel, TripBoss
6. Laridian, Inc.
MyBible, DailyReader, Memorize!
7. MetrO
8. Natara Software
Bonsai, DayNotez, Project@Hand
9. Olive Tree Bible Software, Inc.
10. Pimlico Software, Inc.

For more Classic Certified applications, visit

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