Saturday, June 20, 2009

Classic 1.1 update released

We’ve been receiving a ton of questions, feedback and inquiries from the users of Classic since the release. Our support team is working wee hours getting back to everyone. But the learnings are precious and we have incorporated great number of improvements in Classic v1.1 based on that feedback – so thank you all!

We are pleased to announce that Classic v1.1 is now available for download to all current Pre owners on Sprint. It posted on Friday afternoon as part of Palm 1.0.3 update package (via Updates app on your Pre).

Classic consists of two parts – Mojo app and ROM component.
New ROM component arrived with the 1.0.3 webOS update.
As for the Mojo, some of you have already updated to the latest version ( as shown in Help). For those who have not please update the Mojo app from the App Catalog application on your Pre.

Classic 1.1 comes with a number of improvements and is a free upgrade.
We have added sound support, pinch/zoom feature, improved keyboard behavior, improved process of Palm OS application and data loading , enhanced preferences and overall greatly improved stability of Classic.

To get more details on Classic v1.1 please see the Tech Specs in the Classic section on our web site.


Rob Robinson said...

Hi guys--

I love what you're doing here, but I really need HotSync capabilities to have use for Classic on my Pre. You've hinted that you'd like to add that feature, but can you tell me whether it's likely to happen anytime soon?


Dave Crawford said...

I second that. I would be able to hold off on some third party purchases (CompanionLink, etc) & I'd I would purchase Classic if I knew that PIM hotsync with Classic was in the works.

growingfamily said...

I third that...I want sooooo badly to be able to use pocket Quicken and sync datebk 6. Right now I can back up date book 6 with Resco...built in web OS calendar locks up in day view when syncing with large and complicated calendar on google...also no way to search contact notes and address fields in new web OS...find myself rolling back to classic Address XT app for this.

Rob Robinson said...

Hi again guys--

I'm still wondering about HotSync. Any thoughts?

Rob Robinson said...

Glad to see HotSync on the way. Thanks, guys!