Monday, June 15, 2009

Ten days of the perfect storm

We are beyond happy with the Pre’s launch and excitement that Classic has created in the marketplace. Getting great feedback on Classic v1.0 and already working hard on releasing Classic v1.1. Let’s share some highlights from this past week:

Sascha Segan of PCMag said: “The first must-have app for the new Palm Pre is MotionApps Classic, which lets Palm's new handset run many of the 30,000 programs written for the old PalmOS platform."

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal said: “There is a $30 program called "Classic" by a company called MotionApps ( that emulates the old platform and makes your sleek new Pre look and work like an old Palm device. It is intended to allow older programs to run on the Pre inside this virtual environment created by Classic.”

Ryan Kairer of PalmInfocentar said: "For those that can't live without their favorite old Palm OS apps, there is still hope for you yet. Longtime Palm OS developers, MotionApps, have developed a Palm OS emulator for the WebOS called Classic. Classic will allow many native Palm OS software titles to run on the Pre."

And a few highlights from our customer and Launch Partners:

Erik said: “You guys did a great job with your list of certified apps. Thanks for making what looks/sounds like a great product!” Check out what Erik is talking about at

Mark of Techneos, our Launch Partners said: “Congrats, and thanks for all your hard work with us! Busy times, I’m sure…”. Yes, busy times indeed, but we are looking forward to increasing the universe of Classic Certified applications with every new day.

Dave of DDH Software, also our Launch Partner said: “Again, best of luck this weekend and thereafter. It’s been a pleasure working with you!”. We enjoyed working with each of our Launch Partners as well, and will continue with all developers that are joining Classic Certification Program.

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