Thursday, April 2, 2009

MotionApps Classic - back to the future!

Yes, it’s true and it’s official – you will be able to run Palm OS apps on the new Palm Pre™. How? The name is Classic. And it answers one of the key questions since the announcement of Palm Pre at CES 2009 – will it be able to run Palm OS apps?

As announced earlier today at Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, MotionApps will release Classic, an emulator for Palm OS that will run most of the Palm OS apps on webOS.
In Palm’s words:

Palm OS Emulator Application

Palm also announced that MotionApps ( is creating an emulator application that will allow most Palm OS applications to run on webOS devices. The application, called “Classic,” will be available for purchase when the Palm Pre™ phone becomes available from Sprint in the first half of 2009, and gives users peace of mind as they transition to Palm’s new webOS.

Since Palm OS applications running in Classic won’t be able to leverage core webOS functionality, Palm is working with partners to ensure that popular Palm OS applications are made available on the webOS platform and are optimized to take advantage of everything it has to offer. In the meantime, the MotionApps Classic application will allow customers who have invested in the Palm OS platform to use Palm OS applications they’ve grown to love and depend upon on their new webOS devices. “

If you’ve invested in Palm OS apps in the past, some of them have probably become an essential part of how you use your smartphone daily, and they may be hard to part with.
Classic is the software that will enable you to not only keep what you like, but also keep what you’ve invested in and bring it into the future on Pre.

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Chris said...

This is a great news!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull. Finaly one that´s works with it.
I can´t wait!!
Many thanks.

Helge said...

I think there is one very important question still not answered: Will we be able to use conduits with the Classic emulator?

Sue said...

Great news!! I have been using mSafe, mVoice and mOcean. Great apps from a super developer. Will classic allow syncing with the desktop? It would be awesome if that could occur, although transferring databases manually wouldn't be much of an issue! Thank you so much for creating this app -- it makes my decision to go to the pre that much more easy.

eric wedel said...

I second Helge's conduit question. This is part of the broader hotsync support issue (google ["palm pre" hotsync]). Not sure how much leverage MotionApps has on this front, but here's to hoping!