Friday, April 3, 2009

Classic - most common questions

The number of emails we’ve been receiving from you shows that “a new kid on the block”, Classic, is much anticipated.

Some of the most common questions are addressed below and we are looking forward to your thoughts and comments.

Q: What does Classic do?
Classic will allow existing Palm OS applications to run on webOS devices.

Q: When will Classic be available?
It will be available for purchase when the Palm Pre phone becomes available from Sprint in the first half of 2009.

Q: How much will Classic cost?
We will be releasing the pricing information soon.

Q: Where will I be able to purchase it?
We will be announcing that information soon, too.

Q: Will all Palm OS applications work?
We are working with our partners to make sure that the most popular and most significant applications can run with Classic on Pre.

Q: I am a Palm OS developer – how do I test to see if my application will work?
You can register your interest through our form here or optionally contact us at

Q: Will my Palm OS applications be able to take advantage of webOS’s core functionality and cloud services?
No, Palm webOS is a completely new architecture, development environment, and application model, built from the ground up, so Classic will only allow you to run your Palm OS applications on your webOS device.

Q: How will I load my Palm OS applications onto my Palm Pre?
You will side load your Palm OS applications from a PC or Mac using the mass storage capabilities of the Pre device.


Dave said...

I read that HotSync functionality will not be available. If this is true it severely limits the usage of Palm OS apps.
Currently I HotSync over Bluetooth and even over the Internet (using a Network HotSync setup).

If the emulator can access the internet, would it be that hard to put a HotSync app into the emulator and allow for Network Hotsyncing (using the currently supported methods)?

Thanks -

Anonymous said...

Well done on building this emulator. It's invaluable for those with an investment in the PalmOS platform.

You have an opportunity to mitigate one of the few serious flaws of the Pre on launch - no games and an API which can't do iPhone style entertainment.

It would be great if Classic could run quality PalmOS titles such as Warfare Inc, The Quest and EDGE.

However, please let us know if Classic can handle sound at launch. And if it can't - when!?

Anonymous said...

im wondering if the Sling box app will work with it , anyone Knows ?

Anonymous said...

Will the Classic emulator be able to run on multiple WebOS "cards", so you could have multiple classic apps open at the same time?

Will it be able to access the built in GPS on the Pre?

Anonymous said...

What about sound?

Anonymous said...

Will we be able to create "Shortcuts" that would open up a garnet app inside classic- saving some extra taps?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - this is really great news!

I've seen from demos and news elsewhere that Classic will have access to the network (so internet enabled apps will work). Will Classic have access to Bluetooth functions as well?


Anonymous said...

How will graffiti or small gestures/stylus taps be handled?

Colonel Kernel said...

I am another who wants to either be able ro run multiple instances of Classic emulator and/or to run the Palm OS apps inside a Classic Virtual Machine from their own shortcut.

flmbjr said...

Great! I just hope Classic can keep mVoice automatically recording phone calls!

Anonymous said...

What about data from the Palm OS apps (such as Memos and Contacts) - how will we get the data onto the Pre?
I have 1600 memos and I would create new ones on the Pre's app, but I want to be able to read the old ones on Classic. How will I be able to move data over?


Tom said...

Will the PalmOS PIM databases be allowed in this utility? I'd like to be able to use Datebk6 & a couple other apps that use the PIM databases even if they do not tie to the WebOS databases.

Dr G said...

Please do respond to the question about having multiple instances of your app :)

Craig said...

Hello - GREAT!!! This is what we need. My app is Satellight based. I use HotSync to get date to and from the Palm. How will I get data to and from the Pre with classic?

I guess through detecting a mass storage device auto-run? or Through WiFi? or through a future HS over WiFi or Bluetooth?


ken said...

Second the Slingbox question.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the above poster, SlingPlayer for Palm is a must have at launch!

MotionApps, please please please support this app! I can't live without my SlingPlayer for Palm!