Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MotionApps Classic - more news

First off, thank you all for some great input and feedback on Classic!

Since Classic was announced last week we received thousands of emails, inquiries, suggestions and thoughts from you on what Classic should do and be for the new Palm® Pre™.
And we really appreciate it! The voice from PalmOS community will help us decide on the features and capabilities of Classic now and in the future.
Please do keep speaking your mind!

We have heard from hundreds of developers who want to confirm compatibility of their PalmOS applications with Classic.
It would be great to work with you all right away but our resources are limited. So that we set expectations and facilitate the process we thought it would be the best to do the following:

1. We encourage all developers interested in testing compatibility of their PalmOS apps on Classic to let us know about it by 4/10/2009. Few days after that we will select a group of developers (lets call them Launch Partners) for our team to work with and help them get their apps compatible with Classic.

Without much elaboration, selection criteria will be a reflection of our best effort to select those apps that will benefit the users and the community the most in the very early stage of Pre’s availability.

These dates are by no means hard cutoffs and everyone is welcome to continue talking to us; however, we need to manage the flow.

2. To help set expectations and provide some guidelines to all PalmOS developers at this point, we are preparing a more technical Q&A list and will post it here later this week. With that we hope to answer many questions we have seen from both users and developers.

Since there is a great interest in Pre’s launch date let us also be very clear here – we want it out as much as you do but all we really know is “first half of this year” and we are making our plans in line with that.
These dates we posted here have no correlation whatsoever with when Pre will become available.

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All the best on the Classic release!