Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mVoice for iPhone - first update

Recently released v5.7.0 is the first update to our initial mVoice for iPhone version (available since November 2008).

In the newsletter we sent, we told you that we waited for more magic to be crafted by our development team and this is what they have for us:

1. Voice activated recording – this means that you can start talking and mVoice will start recording. A truly unique feature will save your time because mVoice will be ready whenever you are, and you will hear only what’s important, not the silence or the breaks you took. Besides, this will save device’s memory.

2. Shake activated/stopped recording – if you want mVoice to start recording, just shake it whenever you are ready to talk. Then shake it again to stop recording. We believe that the words “shake it baby!” just got another meaning.

Besides the fun we tried to add to a productivity tool, mVoice has standard features you would expect from a sound recorder:

- You can record any sound you and your iPhone can hear: meetings, reminders, sessions, lectures and so on
- You can Pause or Resume the recording
- The existing recordings can be easily appended
- And organized into categories
- Recording quality is configurable in a way that suits you the most
- Your recordings can be easily transferred to your PC and Mac

Keep expecting more. If you had mVoice before on another smartphone, then your expectations for the features you liked might already be in the crafting.

Let us know of your favorites and how-cool-would-be’s through commenting on this post.


Anonymous said...

Need to add the ability for recording phone conversations like you had in the version for the Palm Treo. This feature ALONE would make the program worth EVERY PENNY and then some!

Daniel said...

It doesn't record calls, does it?

That was the most useful feature of mVoice on the PalmOS for me, and part of why I haven't changed to an iPhone.

The other part, being the Palm Pre :-)

TWD said...

Having some trouble with the new version freezing up on my iPhone. Any hints?

pwolchak said...

As said by others, add recording of phone calls and I will buy it the day it is released.

Is this possible? Does the Apple SDK support that feature?

Octavius said...

As a long term user of the old and very reliable mVoice version for the Palm Treo I must admit that I agree with the rest of the commenters here when I say that the ability to record phone calls was THE Feature.

I know Apple has a long list of restrictions in order to approve an App for the Store, and background processing is one of those.

Is MotionApps dev team debating with Apple on this topic? I mean, of course there will be needs to access low level functions (which are also forbidden) to provide ways to access the phone app while recording the audio but Google got access to the proximity sensor for the GMobile app so maybe some talks and some more give and take would provide us with the best audio recorder around...

Anonymous said...

Best app I had on the Palm. Not so much on the Apple. Why? Because it still does not record phone calls like it did on the Palm. I'll buy it when it does!!!

Anonymous said...

BADLY need a version for iPhone that will record the phone calls. The PALM version (I used a LOT) was PERFECT for doing PHONE INTERVIEWS and the way it put caller on ONE channel and the call-ee on the other was INCREDIBLE with the isolation. And the voice quality was as good (or BETTER) than our expensive studio phone patch system. And it was SO CONVENIENT to just make a cell phone call. Do you have plans to make it work like the PALM version?

MotionApps said...

You can now record your phone calls using CallRec.me app for iPhone - learn more at http://callrec.me