Monday, January 26, 2009

mVoice user testimonial

We always think that the best confirmation of our work are our users’ testimonials. That’s something we always like to hear and read about, good or bad, to make our day or to make us work towards better solutions.

Last week we got one testimonial that we wanted to share with the community.

We are very proud of our mVoice and we made sure that it works on major platforms out there: starting with PalmOS and WinMo, we followed with BlackBerry and iPhone versions.

The pitch is: forget forgetting. Have mVoice remember stuff for you and remind you.

The main idea behind is productivity and helping people to keep less info memorized, but have this cool little app remember stuff for them. In its basic, mVoice is a sound recorder.

Then, the other day, we received a tech support request from Joseph, our customer.
After we exchanged a few emails, Joseph told us: “After 9/11 I volunteered and worked for the Red Cross transporting medical personnel and supplies to all the Respite centers in, and around, Ground Zero.
You see I am a recovering 9/11 volunteer. The medications that I am taking have affected my short term memory but your program has become my assistant in that it records all my vital medical calls where I can't write all the difficult names of my medications and conditions.”

Joseph also told us that mVoice helps in everyday activities and business he does, starting with recording business related reminders and conversations (“in business transactions mVoice often memorializes contract details, changes, and work authorizations discussed on the telephone with clients"), all the way to lectures and notes.

This was really moving, knowing that our app is helpful to someone like Joseph.

*Special thanks to Joseph for sharing his experience with us.

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