Monday, January 19, 2009

Smartphone users - how different they are and why is that important to us?

It seems that the current smartphone market relies on and anywhere in-between two border groups of users: grandmas and geeks. Therefore, often you will come to comparisons between smartphones relying on these two categories: anyone can install a new app on iPhone, while only the users with more skill can do the same on Palm Treo for example.

But, put aside the simplicity of the installation process and tech variables, what are the differences between smartphone users and how do they reflect on our everyday job?

There are few different perspectives on this question: support, development & features rollout, presentation.

Providing support for the existing MotionApps product line gets us emails from different smartphone users. It can be rather embarrassing when we explain how to delete the app through Add/Remove programs in Control Panel to a person that turns out to be IT specialist. Or the ease with which we provide the link for installation file download but not emphasizing that it is a .zip file that needs to be unpacked on PC first to actually start it on a smartphone and thus install. That is where we lose some time and support gets slower than it should.

Of course, customers are not supposed to let us know how good their tech knowledge is, nor there is a point in making apps that require skill to use when it is all getting simpler every day. The overall success largely (and possibly still mostly) depends on an idea - creative and original. But there is a demand equally (if not more) important when going for a success nowdays. Simplicity. It has to be simple and it has to be easily managed and operated. No matter how brilliant someone's idea might be, how well tailored and useful, if it has one-step-to many, it will probably not be a big bang in the smartphones' apps market. This also points out diversity of the smartphone users. This is why we try to get the well-thought functionality incorporated within simplicity.

While we get input and suggestions regarding software features every day, we would like to hear more about what you see when you come to our website. As well-developed & easy-to-use needs to be presented in a right manner, we always appreciate the impressions and suggestions from our users (whether it is the lack of the info on our website or info not clear enough or info that can be confusing etc.). This is another one that we would like to hear - how does strikes you and if you could change something about it, what it would be?

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