Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Classic Launch Partners selected – first group of developers have been invited to start compatibility testing with Classic

Just as we announced in our blog post on April 7th, we have now contacted the first group of selected application developers to start the work on achieving full compatibility with Classic.

If you are an application developer interested in the program and registered with us but have not received that invitation email yet, please be patient.
Depending on the progress we make with the first group we will do our best to dip back into the pool of interested developers and invite more.

Please make sure you stay tuned for further info on achieving compatibility with Classic and register to receive updates from our blog.

And for all of you who are looking to get that application of particular importance supported on Classic - do let us know.
Our list of applications and application developers is always evolving so knowing your favs, “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” will help us prioritize and focus.


Garfield said...


Many (if not the vast majority of) PalmOS applications were not written with intention of using your finger to navigate and control them. Most of the applications I have (and want to keep) need a stylus for accurate entry. DocsToGo (I'd like to see someone try to select some text in a small font with their finger) and some accounts packages (reconciling the correct line would be a nightmare) come to mind, as do games such as Warfare Inc.

I believe that the type of touchscreen used on the Pre will only recognise a finger, so I can't use my existing stylus.

Will MotionApps offer a stylus that can be used on the Palm Pre with Classic? Is there such a thing? Can I already purchase one from somewhere and would it work with a screen protector?

This is an important issue for me. It's all very well having the emulator so that these applications will run, but it defeats the point if you are then not able to use them properly.


Dave said...


I understand the issue that the Pre doesn't use a cable to sync itself, so how would Classic work. But currently I don't even use a cable to Hotsync, I do it via Bluetooth and over the Network (OTA).

Some important apps for me to run:
-PocketBooks (Quickbooks)
-AI Roboform
-Diet & Exercise Assistant
-CallRec (though I suspect this won't work directly with the host Pre phone)

Nearly all of the above are important not just as stand alone programs, but because they synchronize to a desktop application for easy input, review, etc.

They become almost useless without that synchronization.
PLEASE - consider a Hotsync application in Classic that can at LEAST make use of the network capabilities of the Pre, if not also the Bluetooth.

It's not necessary to use a cable for Hotsync - even if you just emulated the existing Hotsync App one could accomplish a Hotsync as needed, via Network or Bluetooth.


Anonymous said...

SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm is a MUST HAVE application!

Don't forget about this one guys, it could mean a huge difference in sales.

Garfield said...

I agree with Anonymous above - I also need Slingplayer to work in Classic, especially since if Slingmedia were to create a native Slingplayer application for the Pre it probably wouldn't work with the 'older' SlingBoxes (like the iPhone Slingplayer), and my box is an 'old' one!

mary said...

Does Classic sopport WIFI

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the above poster, SlingPlayer for Palm is a must have at launch!

MotionApps, please please please support this app! I can't live without my SlingPlayer for Palm!

Anonymous said...

I wish motionapp can support cjkos chinaese system!

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the above posters, SlingPlayer is an absolute requirement (until Sling releases a native one). They can't even get an iPhone version out!

Don't let us down, MotionApps! I for one would buy classic just to run SlingPlayer!

MotionApps said...

Even though the stylus question is more of a Pre question than a Classic related one, you raised a great point so we went ahead and tried a couple of styluses. We picked Ten One Design T1-AF25-100 Pogo Stylus, Stylus Pen CLIP and Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen CLIP and are happy to report that they all worked with Classic. Hope that helps.

MotionApps said...

@SlingPlayer fans
We hear you and the good news is that we are currently exploring options for making SlingPlayer work on Classic.

Anonymous said...



BTW: The iPhone version is crippled- WiFi ONLY! It will be nice to watch the Slingbox over Sprint's awesome 3G network with Classic.

I'm ready with my credit card!