Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Classic demo answers more questions (hint: sound support?)

We have been working on getting sound support in Classic and have made some good progress. It is still early in the process and more remains to be done but we expect to make it solid in time for public release.

Here is a short video to show it off (and guys at MobileCrunch have a good post about it - thanks Greg!).

Check out the video:


Palm-Sounds said...

Great to hear that sound is going to get into Classic. I'd be interested to know if you'll be supporting miniMusic apps like NotePad / MixPad etc, and especially Bhajis Loops and Microbe. Apps like that would make Classic really worthwhile.

Thanks. Palm Sounds.

Tigrux said...

The main reason I don't change my Treo 650 is the games. If the classic emulator of the Palm Pre supports games like "Bike or Die!" or "Warfare Incorporated" I'll buy the gadget and the emulator for sure.

MotionApps said...

We love to play games, too!
We have been working very hard to provide the maximum level of compatibility with "real" Palm OS, so you can expect to see many games working quite well (if not better!) inside Classic.

Palm-Sounds said...

Good news about games, but I'm also interested in music applications such as Bhajis Loops and apps from miniMusic. If you could confirm how those would work that would be great.