Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Classic versions after webOS 1.3.5 update – how to handle this

We’ve seen reports in PreCentral forums, also reported to our support team, that some of you are seeing two versions of Classic on you Pre phones. We’d like to explain why this is happening and what you should do to fix this.

The users experiencing this are the users on networks other than Sprint, and it occurs because the catalog technology Palm uses does not allow for submission of the app with the same name. Meaning that when we want to submit Classic for other providers (in Europe and Canada), it is technically impossible to name it “Classic”.

What you should do is delete both versions of Classic you have and then download the app from the App Catalog as you see it, because this differs depending on the network provider (and thus the catalog) you are using. After this, you will see one Classic app only and your data from before will be saved and available in Classic after you install it.

We apologize to all of you experiencing this issue; however, we were not able to avoid it.

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