Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Classic Certification - free for the first 50 free Palm OS apps

We are inviting all developers of Palm OS apps to enter our contest and get their apps Classic Certified - free of charge.

The main criterion for entering this contest is that your Palm OS application is free.
If that is the case, you can apply to get your application Certified for Classic on Palm Pre.

To enter the contest, follow the Classic Certification Program steps and send us your app.

The apps that fulfill the requirements will be Classic Certified and you will receive signed files ready for distribution.

In addition to that, MotionApps will promote your app as Classic Certified on MotionApps website and other marketing and promotional activities we are working on around Classic and with our distribution and marketing partners.

The faster you provide us with your apps and materials we need to get your app Certified - the more chances you get to be in first 50.

Ladies and gentleman, start your engines!

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