Monday, June 1, 2009

Classic on Pre – watch new video

Here is the video with some of the most popular applications confirmed to work in the Classic mode.

Stay tuned and let us know if you would like us to include one of your favorite applications to the list of those that are now Classic Certified. (


Dave said...

It all looks awesome. Great job.

BUT... still no Hotsync it looks like, this renders most of those apps useless as being able to sync them up is one of their main functionalities.

Anonymous said...

Please oh please put PdaNet 4.10 on the list...

Anonymous said...

Very nice, but can you show multimedia working? Specifically, Kinoma Player?

Anonymous said...

Please add a way to view our SMS history! Even if there's no way to add them into the Pre's history and no way to actually respond to them, it would still be helpful to have them viewable on the Pre!

Andrich said...

Great to see Resco Explorer, SplashID and SplashMoney:)
I am still missing:
1) Bdicty Dictionaries
2) SlovoEd Dictionaries
3) RoadLingua Dictionaries
4) Power48
5) LyME
6) SongBook
7) ChemTable
8) PSMemo

Anonymous said...

Great to see DateBk, HandyShopper, PalmaryClock, PocketTunes.
Definatelty would also like to see TitanClass World.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hey guys can you confirm that SlingPlayer Palm will run on Classic at launch?

Edwin said...

While I'm transitioning to using the Pre's calendar and tasks etc., I'd like to be able to use Agendus Pro via Classic.

I'm guessing that I would therefore put Agendus Pro on the Pre in Classic and copy in the pdb files from my 755p.

What will happen when Agendus has an alarm or reminder for me? Will it be able to ring out to the Pre's notifications? Will I have to have Classic running as a card all the time, with Agendus running as the app in there for the alarms/reminders to show up? Will they be confined to the Classic card or will they be able to go out to the Pre's notifications?

Anonymous said...

Pocketlingo, please!

(It installs ok, but requires new registration EACH TIME the apps are opened).

Dr. Amy Rene Monds said...

I agree with Dave! I use Lexi-Comp for professionals and I cannot load it unless I am able to hot-sync. Any ideas when & how this may be fixed?

GMARA Tim said...

I see that Agendus is working, but I had heard that it was unable to access the PIM databases on the Pre. Has the problem been fixed, or is Agendus using its own copies of calendar, contact, todo, memo databases? (If so, how in the world would synching work?)

To echo another user's question, how do alerts work - when attention manager fires in classic, does it only show in classic, or does a normal Pre alert pop up?