Thursday, June 4, 2009

Classic is ready for the prime time

Nitty Gritty on Classic

So here we are. Palm OS emulator for Pre is ready for the prime time.

Motion Apps will make Classic available for purchase through the Palm Application Catalog on Pre starting tomorrow, June 6th 2009.

Thank you very much for all your diligent input and insightful comments. Classic is of course a living product that is meant to evolve and develop constantly through new releases and features, but we would never have an emulator this strong and comprehensive on the launch date if it wasn’t for you. Thank you. Do stay involved, this truly is a joint effort.

Classic seamlessly unites the two operating systems on Pre, complementing webOS with all those thousands of Palm OS applications you can’t do without. Classic runs Palm OS applications about two times faster on a powerful new Pre.

Launch Partners applications are Classic Certified

Working together with our Launch Partners who are participating in Classic Certification Program, we have completed Classic Certification of a number of popular Palm OS applications.

We have issued a Classic Certified Logo to the applications we tested and certified, allowing users to easily identify them. Look for it

Classic Certified applications will work in Classic mode on Pre just as well as they did on the native Palm OS devices and in many instances Classic Certified applications will be even faster and more stabile.

Classic in Enterprise

Coming out of Classic Certification Program we already have a spectrum of professional and enterprise applications that have been Classic Certified. Those specific applications are mission critical and fulfill a unique business function in the lives of our current business minded customers. With Classic mode on Pre, these customers are able to stay loyal to Palm, stay loyal to their applications and protect their investment in Palm OS. Users will be able to bring along applications they need to have while switching over to the new webOS.

In addition to this, Enterprise customers will be able to deploy a bundle consisting of Palm OS application & Classic on to their new Pre fleet. Classic comes equipped with the ‘one step’ deployment feature developed to assist IT departments in the transition to Pre.

A volume discount will also be available directly from MotionApps.

Availability and Pricing

Classic can be downloaded from the Pre Application Catalog available on Pre devices. It comes with a 7 day fully functional trial and can be purchased for $29.99 starting tomorrow.

Classic Certification Program outreach

MotionApps is continuously working with Palm OS application developers and partners expanding the reach of Classic Certification Program so that many more applications get Classic Certified. Ultimately, Classic Certification Program objective is to help users migrate to Pre safely and on their own terms.

With each new release of Classic, MotionApps will bring more features and capabilities to this powerful Palm OS emulator.

Stay tuned and let us know if you would like us to include one of your applications to the list of those that are now Classic Certified. (


UnwiredBen said...

Just got my Pre, I'm very excited to try Classic. Hope you fix the problem where the HotSync ID app won't allow spaces -- I've been using the id of "Ben Combee" for years without problems.

Anonymous said...

The following PalmOS applications are working fully on the Classic emulator:
PocketLingo - dictionary
InflationMaster - calculator
Currency - international currency update database
Priority Pass - worldwide airport lounge database