Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Voice Memo for webOS

Did you ever need to record a voice note or any other sound with your webOS phone and save it as an audio file? You can do it now with free Voice Memo app that comes preloaded with Classic emulator.

Voice Memo application will let you record anything you want: dictate your grocery list, record an interview or favorite song in a concert and play the recording in the app itself or work with it in the native webOS Music application.

To transfer the recordings to your computer, just connect via USB to your PC or Mac. You will find your recordings in ClassicApps/Voice Memos directory.

You can install Classic right away (and get it for $19.99 instead of regular $29.99 during time-limited promo) – it is available in the App Catalog on your Pre or Pixi. Then, to get Voice Memo app, just tap Install Free and Trial Apps from Classic menu.

We hope you will love it!

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