Monday, March 15, 2010

Voice Memo recorder now comes as a free app in Classic!

We did it. You can now download and install Voice Memo application in Classic and thus record any sound you wish to “remember” for later. The Voice Memo application will allow for recording and playing the sound files you record. You can also access your recordings from native Music application on your Pre, and manipulate the files in a way you do with other sound files within Music app.

Voice Memo is completely free and you can get it right away if you tap on Install Free and Trial Apps option in Classic menu. To be able to install Voice Memo, make sure that you have webOS 1.4 installed.

If this makes you (very) happy, feel free to send us happy recordings made with Voice Memo, and we will give a free Classic license(s) to the happiest (funniest?) recording. Send any file up to 1 MB at

So far, getting your feedback, suggestions, questions, insight and critics made us realize what a great user base we have and we would like to hear you for real.

We’ll keep you posted about the runners up for the happiest Classic recording contest on our Facebook page, so click here to become a fan and stay tuned – it should be fun!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The Classic crew


Dave Crawford said...

That's fantastic, thanks! Since you've found a way to access the microphone, is there ANY chance that you'll be able to make a Classic Certified version of mVoice? I've been missing that program like crazy. Thanks,

Lloyd said...

Dave - I'm an old mVoice user too and LOVED that App when I had the Palm 755p. Now that I have the Palm Pre, I was able to successfully download mVoice to my Pre using the CLASSIC but unfortunately it won't record! It's requiring me to download memos to a SD Card which OF COURSE...the Pre doesn't have :-( Have you found away around this issue? (Lloyd)