Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Remote access your PC from Classic with Win-Hand software

It is quite busy here in our test lab, as we are tweaking Classic for the next release. However, we are never too busy to test interesting software we come across or are tipped about from our "resources" – this time we followed the question of one of the PreCentral forum members at Official Classic sub-forum.

Migs wanted to know whether Win-Hand will work with Classic, and we can report we tried it and it seems to be working excellent.

Win-Hand is software that allows you to access, browse and remote control your PC using your phone.

After we downloaded and installed the software, it took only few minutes to setup the account and we were browsing our PC from Classic on Pre in no time. Additionally, we tried creating and sending emails through remote function of Win-Hand and this also was working smoothly.

Feel free to enjoy your time in Bahamas while accessing your office PC and running your business from Classic on Pre.

Here are some screenshots to show how it works.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for testing Win-Hand, this is great news! The possibilities and productivity that Win-hand provides are limitless. Now if I need to view files from home or even view flash based content on my Pre, I now can literally have access to FireFox browser right on my Pre!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool pc access, now all we need is bluetooth keyboard support for Pre and Im in heaven

Anonymous said...

Every time I try it I get a network setting screen. Have latest version and have reinstalled several times.

Anonymous said...

I also get a cannot connect message: Win-hand could not connect to the internet. It is probably caused by an incorrect or incomplete Network or Connection setup.

It is supposed to use the default pre internet connection, my pre is online, I don't understand why I'm getting an error?

johnmao said...

Remote access via phone is so very valuable for a person like me who is almost always on the go. It saves a lot of time and tension.

MikeFrizzi said...

It has been a while since I tried to use remote access on a Palm, but when I did it was, let's say, less than good. I run remote access still, but only between workstations, not mobile devices. I think I just can't get over the small screens..although that might change with the release of the iPad.