Thursday, June 25, 2009

webOS update 1.0.3 release causing Classic to crash for some users – update

We have been informed by Palm that the recent ROM Update (1.0.3) was incomplete whereas some of the critical Classic files were omitted. This in turn can cause problems to some Classic users when running Classic after 1.0.3 update is applied.

Being aware of this situation now, we are recommending the following steps as the best course of action until this issue is resolved in the upcoming update from Palm.

We are sorry that some Classic users have been affected with this issue and we are working with Palm to insure that upcoming ROM update from Palm is complete and pushed to the Pre users as soon as possible.

It is also important to point out that only Classic is affected by this issue and no other functionality or feature of Pre.

We want to thank all Classic users for reporting the issue and for providing feedback that helped us support others and offer timely workaround.

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TomDavey said...

I'm sorry to say that following the steps has not resolved this issue. Please see my trouble ticket for details. In short, Classic "Blue Screens" every time, and neither a soft nor hard reset in Classic helps. I am not able to delete the app (presumably Natara Bonsai) that is causing the problem.

I think I may try deleting Classic entirely and re-downloading the app. I assume that by following the "Activate" instructions in the post-purchase instructions that my new instance of Classic will become duly registered.