Friday, May 29, 2009

How can I get my Palm OS apps in Classic on Palm® Pre™?

As we are constantly receiving wish lists of Palm OS apps you would like to run with Classic on Pre, there is a couple of most common questions that we would like to address:

Q: How can I install Palm OS app in Classic (on Pre)?

A: The installation of Palm OS apps is as straight forward as this:
  1. Connect your Pre device with your PC using USB cable
  2. Copy .prc/.pdb file in to ClassicApps folder
  3. Disconnect Pre and start Classic

Q: Pre does not have SD card slot – my Palm OS app needs SD card to be able to run. Can I use such an app?

A: Yes. Classic contains a full emulation of SD card related APIs. We have implemented this through a dedicated folder on device’s file system which mimics the SD card. Palm OS application can access files and folders in this virtual storage card using the standard Palm OS VFS API, without any restrictions.

This means that Palm OS apps can create, read, modify or delete files and folders on the virtual SD card just as they did on real SD card on real Palm OS devices (it can even be formatted through standard Palm OS API). From the Palm OS application’s perspective, there is a fully functional SD card in Classic.

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WARNOLDT said...

Can you switch between Classic and Pre views?

Also can you get the most important expense program "Expense Plus" for Treo certified for Classic?