Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 in the eyes of MotionApps

A day before we put on our dancing shoes, we sat down to look back at 2008 (just as everyone these days).

There are apps you already know (PalmOS & WinMo based) and we released several updates during past year, to improve them (oh well, or to fix them). We saw some great input from you, some things were possible only after you helped, and some of our customers gained "legend" status.

But one day before we step into 2009, the work we are proud of are products that refreshed our lineup and added spark to what we do. In name, they are:

- mDesktop

Born on a quiet morning, after a stormy night...well, maybe it's not such a fairytale, but mDesktop was born when an idea was shared in our kitchen. That special morning, the team spoke in lyrics....a special morning indeed, when software programmers spoke like Shakespeare: "oh my PC, how I love thee...oh if only you would love my smartphone that much...." And mDesktop was born. We made PC fall in love with smarpthone, and this love is not about controlling, but about acting as one. Now really, how often do you see that?

- mVoice for WinMo smartphone, BlackBerry & iPhone

Following the versions for PalmOS and WinMo that you got to use and like for years before, we "ported" them on two more platforms to follow where you go. The most asked question in 2008 that came in from you was: will it be possible to record phone calls on platforms other than PalmOS? Which is why we are on this big time. When? We hope soon enough.

- mRing for BlackBerry

Device recognized for abilities offered to business users got to be more lively with mRing. We were thinking about making someone's day, about a sudden smile when a call comes in and you're in the middle of reports, emails and graphs. That is why we made our bestseller available for BlackBerry as well.

- mRSS

It's been around for several years, but this year, mRSS got a new, stylish dress.

And that was it. A bit of old and a lot of new, with the promise of more new in the next year. Now, the party!

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